Research into the history of the cottages and the people who lived in them has been a topic of great local interest and opinion for a number of years. The information displayed here includes previous and current research and it is hoped that as further information becomes available, it will be added here.

If you have any information relating to these cottages, the surrounding area and/or the people who lived and worked here ... stories, memories, photos, documents .... you can post it yourself on our Virtual Noticeboard.

With thanks to volunteers Gay Hill and Caroline O'Callaghan who have researched and written up a number of documents about the inhabitants of nearby properties.

Select these links to view a range of documents and photos relating to the various properties.

Occupiers from 1817 to 1970s (pdf)

18 Horsefair    20 Horsefair

21 Horsefair    22 Horsefair